[Spce-user] New aliases through Api

Raul Alonso raul.alonso at tpartner.net
Mon May 29 05:06:09 EDT 2017



I am trying to create new aliases through api. I am using the following

curl -i -X PATCH -H 'Connection: close' -H 'Content-Type:
application/json-patch+json' -H 'Prefer: return=minimal' --cert
NGCPclient.pem --cacert NGCPca.pem --insecure
'https://IP:1443/api/subscribers/4' --data-binary '[ { "op" : "add", "path"
: "/alias_numbers", "value" : [{"cc" :"34","ac": "22", "sn" : "222222"}


When I add a new alias to a subscribers who already had one. The api deletes
the previous alias.


How can I do to add new aliases without deleting old ones?




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