[Spce-user] Peering Rule callee pattern NOT allow a number

Stephen Donovan stephen at belzonicable.net
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I filter on my pbx servers as well but I have hundreds of residential subscribers registered to sipwise directly.

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We have accomplished this by adding a peering rule to our E911 carrier with blank callee prefix and pattern, and 911 in the caller pattern. We named the rule Emergency Rule.

We also control the ability to dial 911 at the PBX level, by pattern matching on Asterisk.

This has worked for us for a few years now. I am certainly open to other precautions and protection we can put in place since rouge 911 calls can be costly.


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Is it possible to specifically NOT allow a call to go out a peer?   Example, I want to block 911 from going out anywhere but the one trunk that handles E911 for me.

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