[Spce-user] Requesting subscriber id via REST API

Walter Klomp walter at myrepublic.net
Thu Apr 5 12:25:37 EDT 2018


Anybody??  Is there no such option?

Currently in order to make modifications in subscriber preferences in REST API I first have to find the id of the subscriber.
SELECT  id FROM billing.voip_subscribers where username = '$fixednumber’';

I do this by querying the database directly. However I’d like to change this to a REST API call…

I do have the subscriber number (phone number) - how do I find the id with a REST call ?

Is that at all possible?  The handbook is cryptic at best and only shows how to get the id on creation. This doesn’t help me when migrating from SOAP interface…

Thank you for any hints/ideas (php example?).

Warmest Regards

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