[Spce-user] No audio in any direction

Raul Alonso raul.alonso at tpartner.net
Wed Dec 5 10:20:24 EST 2018



I am testing an SPCE v 6.5.2 in an OpenStack environment. The environment is
very similar to Amazon AWS.

I have an internal IP with NAT 1: 1 with external ip.

I have configured advertised-ip with my external ip.


When I make a call between two users of the SPCE, the call is processed but
I do not have audio in any direction.

After 60 seconds there is a timeout and the call hangs up.

I have seen that the rtpengine gives an error when booting:

ERR: Failed to set thread scheduling paramaters to 'default' (-1) / 0:
Invalid argument


In addition, the log of the rtpengine registers the following: 

Dec 5 15:49:12 spce (info) rtpengine [28912]: [1544021352.067490] INFO:
[b029b4b63018486da4912cb7f69bd7e3]: Received command 'delete' from

Dec 5 15:49:12 spce (info) rtpengine [28912]: [1544021352.067575] DEBUG:
[b029b4b63018486da4912cb7f69bd7e3]: Dump for 'delete' from
{"supports": ["load limit"], " call-id ":" b029b4b63018486da4912cb7f69bd7e3
"," received-from ": [" IP4 "," "]," from-tag ":"
79EB805F-5C07E52C0005738A-B9F17700 "," to-tag ":"
b97833cad2ba45bbae8343022b984909 " , "command": "delete"}

Dec 5 15:49:12 spce (info) rtpengine [28912]: [1544021352.067602] INFO:
[b029b4b63018486da4912cb7f69bd7e3]: Call-ID to delete not found

Dec 5 15:49:12 spce (info) rtpengine [28912]: [1544021352.067620] INFO:
[b029b4b63018486da4912cb7f69bd7e3]: Replying to 'delete' from (elapsed time 0.000030 sec)

Dec 5 15:49:12 spce (info) rtpengine [28912]: [1544021352.067633] DEBUG:
[b029b4b63018486da4912cb7f69bd7e3]: Response dump for 'delete' to {"warning": "Call-ID not found or tags did not match ","
result ":" ok "}


I see that the SDP reports the external ip.

Any ideas?



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