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AFAIK message "Failed to set thread scheduling paramaters" is normal, you can ignore that. 
I think there is not enough information to help you here. Please capture the SIP messages with SDP and see the IP:port where the message should be routed to. 
Do both sides receive the advertised external IP from the NGCP? Do they send the traffic there? Does the server in OpenStack receive it? This would be my questions to answer. 
It's strange that in the log you've provided that is no final packet stats. Also "Call-ID to delete not found" looks strange. This could mean for example, that the call was not properly established on SIP level. Again, something that sngrep or wireshark could easily prove. If it all looks OK from the protocol point of view, then we need to check more logs (use ngcp-loglevel to increase verbosity for both kamailio-proxy and rtpengine). 
P.S. We have used recently mr6.5.2 or 7.0.1 in the similar environment and didn't have this issue. 


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I am testing an SPCE v 6.5.2 in an OpenStack environment. The environment is very similar to Amazon AWS. 

I have an internal IP with NAT 1: 1 with external ip. 

I have configured advertised-ip with my external ip. 

When I make a call between two users of the SPCE, the call is processed but I do not have audio in any direction. 

After 60 seconds there is a timeout and the call hangs up. 

I have seen that the rtpengine gives an error when booting: 

ERR: Failed to set thread scheduling paramaters to 'default' (-1) / 0: Invalid argument 

In addition, the log of the rtpengine registers the following: 

Dec 5 15:49:12 spce (info) rtpengine [28912]: [1544021352.067490] INFO: [b029b4b63018486da4912cb7f69bd7e3]: Received command 'delete' from 

Dec 5 15:49:12 spce (info) rtpengine [28912]: [1544021352.067575] DEBUG: [b029b4b63018486da4912cb7f69bd7e3]: Dump for 'delete' from {"supports": ["load limit"], " call-id ":" b029b4b63018486da4912cb7f69bd7e3 "," received-from ": [" IP4 "," "]," from-tag ":" 79EB805F-5C07E52C0005738A-B9F17700 "," to-tag ":" b97833cad2ba45bbae8343022b984909 " , "command": "delete"} 

Dec 5 15:49:12 spce (info) rtpengine [28912]: [1544021352.067602] INFO: [b029b4b63018486da4912cb7f69bd7e3]: Call-ID to delete not found 

Dec 5 15:49:12 spce (info) rtpengine [28912]: [1544021352.067620] INFO: [b029b4b63018486da4912cb7f69bd7e3]: Replying to 'delete' from (elapsed time 0.000030 sec) 

Dec 5 15:49:12 spce (info) rtpengine [28912]: [1544021352.067633] DEBUG: [b029b4b63018486da4912cb7f69bd7e3]: Response dump for 'delete' to {"warning": "Call-ID not found or tags did not match "," result ":" ok "} 

I see that the SDP reports the external ip. 

Any ideas? 


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