[Spce-user] [Spce-dev] New Sipwise C5 CE mr6.5.2 is now available

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Thu Dec 20 05:56:13 EST 2018

Dear Barry,

JFYI here, mr6.5.2 Amazon EC2 images were updated,
you can find new AMI IDs in mr6.5.2 release notes:

Here is the list:

>     AMI ID for region us-east-1: ami-0cf4ad649e140a112
>     AMI ID for region us-west-2: ami-0a365b32befca0bc1
>     AMI ID for region us-west-1: ami-09beefeda428cca03
>     AMI ID for region eu-central-1: ami-0e1d5c3d6ccba6e6d
>     AMI ID for region eu-west-1: ami-01cc1aee5779db2ff
>     AMI ID for region ap-southeast-1: ami-0ae80b9412471ecb9
>     AMI ID for region ap-southeast-2: ami-0926e1587a2363348
>     AMI ID for region ap-northeast-1: ami-057b89c35404fcc24
>     AMI ID for region sa-east-1: ami-00780e1b8d71bb54e

Feel free to report any issues you notice there.
Thank you!

On 11/26/18 11:59 AM, Alex Lutay wrote:
> Dear Barry,
> The issue has been confirmed. We are investigating it.
> Also we will check why Jenkins didn't inform us about the
> connectivity issue here prior the release. Stay tuned.
> BTW, please start the separate thread for the bug report next time!
> On 11/23/18 10:03 PM, Barry Flanagan wrote:
>> Not having any luck with 6.5.2 on AWS west-1. 
> ...
>> ip-10-0-0-81 login:
> ...

Alex Lutay

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