[Spce-user] External caller cannot leave a message because of a beeping sound. (mr5.5.2)

Greg Chlopowiec gregch at usip.ca
Thu Jan 4 15:03:26 EST 2018

Software release - mr5.5 build 2


Let me explain the problem. 


My subscriber (a callee; person receiving a call) does not want to use SPCE
internal voice mail system but they want to use their own answering machine
to pick up messages from their



Right now that is not possible because SPCE is sending a beeping sound (one
beep every second) to the callee answering machine just about when the
caller is trying to leave a message. 


Here is the process:

1.            A caller makes a call to a callee

2.            Callee's home answering machine picks up the call

3.            Answering machine plays the message and at the end of the
message, it plays one beep sound (letting caller know that answering machine
is ready for caller's message)

4.            SPCE starts sending a beeping signal (one every second) to the


How do I resolve this problem?



Greg Chlopowiec

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