[Spce-user] SipWise 4.5.6 - Exclude Caller from Peering Rule

Robert Cuaresma rcuaresma at telcon.es
Thu Jan 11 11:50:44 EST 2018

Hi list!

Is it possible to exclude a Caller Pattern from a Peering Rule? I have 
two peering servers with priority 1 and priority 2 respectively. The 
peer with priority 1 have configured some rules for determinate 
international and mobile prefix like this:

Name: Peer 1 (Some destinations are routed through this peer)
Priority: 1
   Callee prefix: 34902
   Callee pattern: /empty
/Caller pattern: I try to put: !^sip:931234567 at mydomain\.es$ (I use ! at 
the start of the line to try to invert the rule but doesn't works)

Name: Peer 2 (this is the default route)
Priority: 2
   Callee prefix: /empty
/Callee pattern: /empty
/Caller pattern: /empty

/The goal is for calls from DDI 931234567 to 34902 destinations are 
routed through Peer 2 instead Peer 1.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot!!

Robert Cuaresma

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