[Spce-user] partial match for "allowed_clis" -> "extension_in_allowed_clis"

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Tue Jan 23 04:35:55 EST 2018



if I place a phone number 431111 under allowed_clis, and the subscriber
calls with an extension 431111-22, then the UPN is rejected because there is
no exact match. 


If I set the phone number for allowed_clis with an asterisk as follows it
works: 431111* 

There is also the switch "extension_in_npn" which allows partial matching
against main and alias subscriber number, but this does not apply to


My question would be, whether it is intended to integrate a switch
"extension_in_allowed_clis" to allow a partial match against allowed_clis,
without leaving a * behind the phone number.




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