[Spce-user] Fraud calculation takes hours

Alejandro Grijalba agrijalba at innovasur.es
Mon Jan 29 03:18:35 EST 2018


I think I was using high performance mode. In my original 2.8 instance, 
the "bufferpoolsize" was around 2 GB.

It looks like during an upgrade the "bufferpoolsize" reseted back to 
64M, and I didn't notice.

In high performance mode everything works fine.

El 26/01/2018 a las 10:31, Alex Lutay escribió:
> Hi,
> Are you sure you are NOT using 'low performance mode'?
> There is a script ngcp-toggle-performance-config to switch
> between high and low performance modes. You have enough RAM
> to use high performance mode.
> You can execute:
>>> ngcp-toggle-performance-config --high-performance
>>> ngcpcfg show # to see the config changes
>>> ngcpcfg apply 'high-performance mode' # to apply the changes
>>> cd /etc/ngcp-config/ && git reset --hard HEAD~1 # to destroy the changes
> In the same way you can switch to low performance mode again.
> In low performance mode InnoDB buffer pool size is really 64Mb only.
> While in hight performance mode DB should use 50% of RAM.
> Since you have 20 GB of free RAM (I believe is is 24/32GB total),
> you should have InnoDB bufferpoolsize set to 50% of total RAM.
> InnoDB buffer pool size if VERY important parameter for NGCP
> as all the tables we use have InnoDB MySQL engine in use.
> MySQL can keep a lot of information in RAM without accessing IO.
> On 01/26/2018 10:14 AM, Alejandro Grijalba wrote:
>> I increased the cache in config.yml
>>      bufferpoolsize: 512M

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