[Spce-user] custom announcement

Brian Pelletier brian.pelletier at aloe-me.net
Sat Mar 3 09:11:41 EST 2018

has anyone setup Custom Announcements.  I followed documentation as best I could but I am getting a fast busy when trying to use them.

I created a sound set, uploaded a WAV file to "custom_announcement_0" and the file works there when i click play.  I then applied the sound set to the domain uner "NAT and Media Flow Control" for the system sound set.  When i try to set a forward to it under the subscriber and call forward unconditionally it fails.  I can see that it gets diverted and a 500 error stating "SIP/2.0 500 I'm terribly sorry, server error occurred (6/SL)"

Anyone know what this is or know of something that maybe needs to be modified or enabled?

Brian Pelletier

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