[Spce-user] Voicemail - '*' interrupt not working and message not playing from phone

Brian Pelletier brian.pelletier at aloe-me.net
Fri Mar 9 11:36:37 EST 2018

I am having 2 issues with voicemail since my initial install.  I am running mr5.5.3.

when dialing into the voicemail system or hitting someone voicemail box hitting the "*" should interrupt the message from what I have read and allow you to enter you phone number to gain access to your box. hitting the star only makes a sound and does nothing hitting "#" still skips the greeting and all other buttons work (including "*") once you are in the voicemail system.  I cant find any errors in any logs and I have tried using different codex with no luck.  has anyone run into this and know if its just a bug or how to go about fixing it?

ISSUE 2 - 
when trying checking voicemails from a phone by dialing in I am getting a fast busy when it gets to the point of announcing the time stamp.  I hear the number of messages in the box and it starts to say to announce "message 1 loft on...), this is where it goes fast busy.  The messages to email out just fine and the WAV file plays.  I can even log into the CSC portal and play the messages there and delete them after.  In the log I can see that the system does read correctly how many messages the box has but when it goes to play them it says no file found.  I'm guessing that maybe the config file is looking in the wrong place or maybe storing them in the wrong place.  Anyone know what directions i should go with this one ?

Brian Pelletier

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