[Spce-user] Calling Name Not Displaying

Brian Pelletier brian.pelletier at aloe-me.net
Thu Mar 15 11:47:50 EDT 2018

I installed SPEC a little more than a month ago and i cant seem to get the calling name to show up on calls to subscribers at all.  i can see that it is being sent to me from the upstream provider:
From: "WIRELESS CALLER" <sip:12079518955 at x.x.x.x>;tag=sansay63876987rdb10618 (i "Xed" of the IP address)
but on the capture coming into the router on the subscriber end it looks to be stripped of:
From: <sip:12079518955 at testgw1.siliconmaine.com;user=phone>;tag=7F6D5AAC-5AAA91FA0009D735-28367700

I have tried adjusting the rewrite rules on both the inbound trunk from the provider and on the subscriber side.  I think this is were i would need to make adjusters from what i was reading about the P-asserted tags and stuff but I'm not sure which one would be causing the problem.  Is anyone a little more fluent in this area that may be able to provide a little guidence?

Brian Pelletier

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