[Spce-user] Call Failed: 403 Forbidden (incoming) SIP Trunking

Greg Chlopowiec gregch at usip.ca
Wed Mar 21 18:47:51 EDT 2018

Sipwise version 5.5.2


Customer PBX is registered with Sipwise as a regular subscriber in SIP
Trunking domain. When a customer dials PSTN number, they receive following
response from Sipwise - Call Failed: 403 Forbidden. However when the same
customer dials a number that is already registered to some other customer on
Sipwise (different domain within Sipwise) the call goes through. I'm not
sure what I'm forgetting or how do I troubleshoot this problem. Customer PBX
is based on Asterisk.


My setup: 3 domains 


corp.exmaple.com (default domain) - SIP Peering is assigned to this domain


residential.example.com - residential customers are assigned to this domain
(so far everything is working fine)


trunking.example.com - sip trunking customers assigned to this domain. 


In trunking.exmaple.com domain I have also put the checkmark on
"allow_out_foreign_domain". If the checkmark is not there then the incoming
call to PSTN or some other internal customer on Sipwise gets Call Failed:
403 Forbidden. But is checkmark is there then only calls to PSTN get 403
Forbidden error from trunking domain.

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