[Spce-user] Call Failed: 403 Forbidden (incoming) SIP Trunking

Hohl Matthias matthias.hohl at telematica.at
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if you get a response code 403 – Forbidden as NAT Reply from your PSTN peering, then the problem comes from your peering partner.

Ask them, why they reject the call.

403 – Forbidden could be a lot of different things. Most likely, you send them the wrong number format, and they declined the call, cause it is not routeable. Did you appear the right rewrite rules for this peering partner?


That it works locally just means that you can call from one domain to another. For this “allow_out_foreign_domain” is not correlation to your PSTN NAT  Reply 403 peering problem.


Can you give us more information about your peering?


See ya.



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Sipwise version 5.5.2


Customer PBX is registered with Sipwise as a regular subscriber in SIP Trunking domain. When a customer dials PSTN number, they receive following response from Sipwise - Call Failed: 403 Forbidden. However when the same customer dials a number that is already registered to some other customer on Sipwise (different domain within Sipwise) the call goes through. I’m not sure what I’m forgetting or how do I troubleshoot this problem. Customer PBX is based on Asterisk.


My setup: 3 domains 


corp.exmaple.com (default domain) – SIP Peering is assigned to this domain


residential.example.com – residential customers are assigned to this domain (so far everything is working fine)


trunking.example.com – sip trunking customers assigned to this domain. 


In trunking.exmaple.com domain I have also put the checkmark on “allow_out_foreign_domain”. If the checkmark is not there then the incoming call to PSTN or some other internal customer on Sipwise gets Call Failed: 403 Forbidden. But is checkmark is there then only calls to PSTN get 403 Forbidden error from trunking domain.


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