[Spce-user] Inbound and Outbound failing

Travis Garrison travis at netviscom.com
Fri Mar 9 15:10:59 EST 2018

I been communicating with our career. I do need to strip off the country code on outgoing and use their domain name. On receiving calls, they do not add the country code. Could this be breaking incoming? I tried creating a rewrite rule but according to the logs, it didn't actually apply or gets applied later. What peering rules do I need to change or create to accept all calls from this peer and to send out?

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Just recieved this from our provider

Basic logs show that on your outbound calls you are not using the domain sip.missouri-telecom.com and have a leading 1 on the calling number, ie looks like the calling number came through as sip:14178511779 at nvc.sip.netviscom.com and sip:14178511779 at and it should have been sip:4178511779 at sip.missouri-telecom.com.  Those calls got rejected with 403 - From URI not recognized which you should be able to see in your logs.

I tried putting sip.missouri-telecom.com in the host field on the peer but it still tries to send out as the ip address. I have an outbound rule that I left all options blank and put the description as default rule. Is that not correct? I followed the directions. I also have an inbound rule that matched from-user and .*

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 ERROR: <script>: No PSTN gateways available -

This normally comes if you didnt create outbound peering rules for the peering group.

Also inbound you need a inbound peering rule... if there is none, no calls will be transported of this peering.

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> ERROR: <script>: No PSTN gateways available -
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