[Spce-user] Possible to have a subscriber and trunk with same IP?

Daniel Grotti dgrotti at sipwise.com
Fri Nov 2 10:28:28 EDT 2018

Not sure if I understood correclty your scenario.
It seems not possible though. If you set same IP on subscriber and peer, 
whenever you do a call from that IP, the system will detect the call 
always as "from PSTN".
In other words, if you try to do an outbound call from the subscriber, 
the system will show you "call from PSTN" and will try to load peer 
preferences instead of subscriber preferences.

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On 11/2/18 3:21 PM, Henk wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a subscriber with only incoming calls using auth.
> Now I also want to place calls through a trunk to the same IP address, 
> also with auth. I have only an outbound rule for the trunk, so 
> incoming traffic should be routed to the subscriber.
> Tried this setup, but now incoming and outgoing aren't working 
> anymore. Is there a way to use a trunk for outgoing traffic AND a 
> subscriber for incoming traffic with the same IP address but 
> independently?
> Regards,
> Henk
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