[Spce-user] Migration of DB from 2.8

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Wed Nov 7 10:38:50 EST 2018


Theoretically - yes, but it was never tested.

Recently there were PRO migration from ~mr3.8 to mr5.5.6
directly by installing mr5.5.6, copying DB and upgrading it with
ngcp-update-db-schema and one issue noticed and fixed already.

The problem is DB statements which normally executed in
different environments, like
> 2.8 statements executed in Percona
> mr4.5 in default MySQL 5.5
> mr5.5 in MariaDB 10.0
> mr6.5 in MariaDB 10.1

All those statements were created in different time
during the 5 years and tested in the "proper" mysql version.

During the direct upgrade all the statements are
executed in target release, e.g. mr6.5.1/MariaDB 10.1

There is small amount inconsistency you can hit,
like foreign keys handling in different DB versions.
The reported issue has been fixed already, but nobody
tried direct upgrade from deep 2.8, AFAIK.

I believe you can try it on the test installation
and check how it works. Please share the results here!

Have fun!

On 11/7/18 3:06 PM, Matthew Ogden wrote:
> Is there a way to install fresh a latest mr, and then upload/upgrade
> the DB schema from 2.8?
> Is it more practical to just upgrade all the way (wow, have hit some
> road blocks here!)

Alex Lutay

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