[Spce-user] Migration of DB from 2.8

Matthew Ogden matthew at tenacit.net
Sat Nov 24 10:22:47 EST 2018


Well some feedback below. (Fun indeed, but borderline frustration!)

Rightly or wrongly, I couldn't restore a mysqldump from the percona server
to the mariaDB 10.1.
I kept getting errors involving both innodb table IDs as well as in the
script it would make the table, then say it didn't exist. It got kind of
frustrating, and time wasting.

I muddled around, and eventually, figured it simpler to restore the Percona
instance, and mysql_upgrade. That was much more successful

Before running ngcp_update-db-schema, I had to change the password in
/etc/mysql/sipwise.cnf to match the old password, and not hte sipwise new
installations password.
/usr/share/ngcp-db-schema/db_scripts/diff/13659.up failed on line 13,
duplicate entires
it runs ALTER TABLE location ADD UNIQUE ruid_idx (ruid);

I had some static entries, and they had similer iDs, not sure how.

after that, everything succeeded up to:
"Applying revision script
/usr/share/ngcp-db-schema/db_scripts/diff/15444.up: done"

Of course, now I had "messed with the installation, db was different
passwords, and I couldn't log in to admin web on port 1443 - it would give
an incident error.

Fixed the soap user in mysql to match the new instalaltion password.

Then based on that set the password from all those in constants.yml to make
a script o tupdate mysql.

Well also figured out setting passwords   syntax has changed a little for

rtcengine, and licensed and fileshare and  had no user. Should i make it?

Then i realised, oh-wait ngcpcfg actually syncs the DB usernames! Cool.

Had to disable auth_realm checking, as that how my previous config was.

some services didn't restart even after doing ngcpcfg (like mediator as
one, there was another one somewhere else)

Had some troubles with CDRs not exporting... then realised, the rate-o-mat
service wasn't running (originally password issue), figured a reboot was
the best fresh start there!

Interesting problem there was, CDRs were being generated for reseller, but
nothing for main platform. Am waiting for next export run to see what

Will update you further for any other things I come accross.

Kind Regards

On Wed, 7 Nov 2018 at 17:38, Alex Lutay <alutay at sipwise.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Theoretically - yes, but it was never tested.
> Recently there were PRO migration from ~mr3.8 to mr5.5.6
> directly by installing mr5.5.6, copying DB and upgrading it with
> ngcp-update-db-schema and one issue noticed and fixed already.
> The problem is DB statements which normally executed in
> different environments, like
> > 2.8 statements executed in Percona
> > mr4.5 in default MySQL 5.5
> > mr5.5 in MariaDB 10.0
> > mr6.5 in MariaDB 10.1
> All those statements were created in different time
> during the 5 years and tested in the "proper" mysql version.
> During the direct upgrade all the statements are
> executed in target release, e.g. mr6.5.1/MariaDB 10.1
> There is small amount inconsistency you can hit,
> like foreign keys handling in different DB versions.
> The reported issue has been fixed already, but nobody
> tried direct upgrade from deep 2.8, AFAIK.
> I believe you can try it on the test installation
> and check how it works. Please share the results here!
> Have fun!
> On 11/7/18 3:06 PM, Matthew Ogden wrote:
> > Is there a way to install fresh a latest mr, and then upload/upgrade
> > the DB schema from 2.8?
> >
> > Is it more practical to just upgrade all the way (wow, have hit some
> > road blocks here!)
> --
> Alex Lutay
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