[Spce-user] Failover loop for refused call

Henk henk at voipdigit.nl
Wed Nov 14 07:19:09 EST 2018

Hi Daniel,

I had added 480 to the list a long time ago (got 480 when a prepaid 
account was empty), but had to remove it from the failover_response to 
stop the failover in this case.
Maybe I can use SIP Response Codes in the Peer Host Preferences but not 
sure how that works. I can find no_credit_code in the list but no 
documentation about how to use it.
What I want is to failover on a 480 -- No Credit (or something like 
that) and NOT on 480 - Temporarily Unavailable".



On 14-11-2018 12:57, Daniel Grotti wrote:
> Hi,
> Try to increase the proxy.log verbosity and see where the reply match 
> the code and trigger the failover.
> Adding 480 in the filter_failover_response and apply should be enough.
> Cheers,

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