[Spce-user] Bye not passed down

Daniel Grotti dgrotti at sipwise.com
Sat Sep 1 05:19:02 EDT 2018

Would be easier to see the trace or the kamailio proxy/lb log.
Tag must be the same as they define the dialog. 
Another common issue with BYE (or ACK) is the RURI which doesn’t no contain the contact value received in the initial INVITE or 200 OK.

Hard to say without a trace.


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> On 01.09.2018, at 02:02, qabane me <qabaneitsolutions at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> We have an issue with one of our interconnects where they send a bye and sipwise does not process it. I have pinned this down to this carrier changing the From-tag - the tag in the bye is not the same as in our invite.
> Am I correct in saying that this is wrong? And that this would indeed cause the bye not to be processed?
> While I will report this to them, there is a fair chance that they will not do anything about it. When using freeswitch, I don't have an issue and the bye is processed. Is there a parameter somewhere that would make kamailio ignore the fact that the from-tag is wrong (assuming that indeed one is not allowed to change this in a dialogue, which is my understanding).
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