[Spce-user] How to add thousands of Alias Numbers to a subscriber

Kevin Boddy kevin.boddy at firstnet.co.za
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I have enabled peer to peer calling and tried setting up my PBX as a peer but it wanted to route the inbound call out the same peer it received it on for some reason. Will try again though.


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I would set up the PBX also as a peer.  You can then use regex rules to route... (note you’d have to enable peer to peer calls in the preferences of inbound and outbound peers)

Your upstream provider should be a peer in any case. And yes, you have to use the api to set up aliases if you want to use a script.
Yours sincerely,

Walter Klomp

On 26 Sep 2018, at 04:51, Kevin Masse <kmasse at questblue.com<mailto:kmasse at questblue.com>> wrote:
Hello Kevin,

With this large number of entries I would most certainly use the API to add them.  Are you using the built in API?

Thank you

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Subject: [Spce-user] How to add thousands of Alias Numbers to a subscriber


I’ve got a test setup of Sipwise CE mr 6.4.1 connected to my upstream voip  provider on one interface and my backend PBX on another network interface.
I created the PBX as a subscriber and can get inbound calls working by adding in the Primary Number  and Alias Numbers fields.

I’ve DID number ranges, non-sequential numbers in total adding up to about 50000 numbers.
How would I add those the Alias Numbers?

Normally on our SBC’s you can add a regular expression for the number range but on Sipwise all I can do is add the numbers in the format <cc> <ac> <upn>.
The UPN has to have at least three digits otherwise it doesn’t work so I can cover some of the number ranges like this but this still leaves me with thousands of numbers to add to this subscriber.

Is there a better way to achieve this?


Kevin Boddy
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