[Spce-user] Redis counters

Daniel Grotti dgrotti at sipwise.com
Tue Apr 9 08:33:53 EDT 2019

3.8 still have some issue with hanging dialogs and counters.
This happens usually when the call is not closed properly.

We improved and fix this problem in the recent releases as well as we 
introduced a script that clean and decrease the counters due to the 
hanging calls automatically, so I kindly suggest to upgrade to mr6.5LTS 
- 3.8 is already EOL.

In your case I suggest to flush redis db 3 and 4 manually, using the 

# redis-cli -h -n 3 flushdb
# redis-cli -h -n 4 flushdb

it will reset all the counters to 0.

Daniel Grotti

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On 4/9/19 2:01 PM, Javier Valencia wrote:
> Hi all
> Recently I setup a monitoring system to measuring esential metrics on 
> my production SIPWise (mr3.8.12). But I discover that Redis counters; 
> total, outgoing, and incoming in database 3 have a wrong values.
> Without any call at 4:35, this counters have no 0 values.
> Obiously, I know how to change handly this counters in Redis to zero 
> when no calls, but have my ngcp box a CLI to reset this counters 
> current number of calls?
> Gracias!
> Javier Valencia
> Best regards
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