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Jon Bonilla (Manwe) manwe at sipdoc.net
Fri Dec 6 20:07:51 EST 2019

El Fri, 6 Dec 2019 16:20:42 +0000
Reagan Kizanga <Reagan.Kizanga at core2extreme.co.za> escribió:

> Hi Guys,
> Can someone please help me, I have struggled for almost 6 months to try and
> get sipwise 7.5.1 work with inbound calls. I've been through this hole hand
> book now. I am using IDT EXPRESS for Voip Termination with IP Authentications.
> I have tried configuring Sipwise straight to my public IP but no joy, now I
> am running sipwise as a VM. I have enabled NAT reflection as suggested in the
> Group on my Firewall but still sip invites are rejected.

You probably don't have inbound peering rules applied to your peering group.
Anyway, you should provide logs and captures. It's difficult to guess without

> The support guys from sipwise refuse to help me unless I pay for 4 hours of
> support at 3000 Euro's, 

Well, I don't really think they charge 500€/hour but they can choose who and
how provide support. That's why they have a pro product with support contracts. 

> Even if someone can help me remotely I will really be thankful, for almost 6
> months I've been trying and really about to give up.

There are several companies un South Africa using the product and are in this
list. Maybe they can help you. If not, contact me and we'll see what we can do. 



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