[Spce-user] topos module strips diversion header

Andrew Pogrebennyk apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
Wed Feb 27 10:14:25 EST 2019

that's what I have already understood :-) So you either need to
configure it the way I suggested or change your proxy.cfg.customtt.tt2
in the section where it does
>                 if(is_present_hf("Diversion") && $avp(s:from_pstn) != 1 && $avp(s:cf_from_pstn) != 1)
>                 {
>                         remove_hf("Diversion");
>                 }
I recall in some older releases we were removing Diversion regardless
whether this is a call from a peer or subscriber..
Now it should be actually kept if it is coming from the peer.
I take it that in your case the INVITE is coming from a subscriber?


On 2/27/19 4:10 PM, qabane me wrote:
> Hi Andrew
> Just to clarify - this is not being diverted on sipwise, it is a call
> that comes in from a user's PBX and is simply being passed upstream. The
> diversion header is present when the invite arrives at sipwise, but
> stripped when sent to upstream?
> I will have a look at the options, but I understood those to be
> applicable when one is diverting from the platform?
> Cheers

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