[Spce-user] Voicemail - '*' interrupt not working and message not playing from phone

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Fri Jan 4 05:29:07 EST 2019

Hi all,

On 12/29/18 6:15 AM, Walter Klomp wrote:
> Reading the asterisk log will give you some hints especially the digits
> issue which is a long standing problem. You just have to put the digit
> files in the right place. (Somewhere in /usr/share if my memory serves
> me right).

Those issue should be fully addressed for mr6.5.1+,
the necessary asterisk sound packages should be
installed automatically. Previous releases will have
to be workarounded manually, as described by you in

Unfortunately mr6.5 changes cannot be backported to the
previous releases due to the complexity there and significant
risk of old LTS release destabilisation.

Alex Lutay

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