[Spce-user] Sipwise CE 6.5,3 installation issues

Manuel Montecelo mmontecelo at sipwise.com
Fri Jan 25 09:25:19 EST 2019

2019-01-25 11:54 Manuel Montecelo:
>2019-01-24 19:11 rleone.soluzioni at libero.it:
>>after installed new sipwise (versions ex. 6.5.1->6.5.3) and rebooted software not working. I noticed that in /etc/ngcp-config are missing many files.
>I performed upgrades both in our automated test infra and a VM installing and
>upgrading manually, following instructions in [1], and I didn't detect any
>problem.  Automated tests were run, including checks about mysql and other
>config, and no problem was detected.
> [1] https://docs.mgm.sipwise.com/public/mr6.5.3/spce/?_href=ar01s14.html

If you cannot access the URL above, use:
That would be: https://sipwise.com/doc/mr6.5.3/spce/?_href=ar01s14.html

And likewise for:

> https://docs.mgm.sipwise.com/public/mr6.5.3/spce/?_href=ar01s03.html#_vagrant_box_for_virtualbox
> https://docs.mgm.sipwise.com/public/mr6.5.3/spce/?_href=ar01s03.html#_using_sipwise_c5_install_cd_recommended



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