[Spce-user] Sipwise CE 6.5,3 installation issues

Manuel Montecelo mmontecelo at sipwise.com
Mon Jan 28 07:36:18 EST 2019


2019-01-27 15:23 rleone.soluzioni at libero.it:
>   After various tests I can say that for the upgrade from a 5.x.x version to
>   6.5.x the process works. The problem that initially blocked everything was
>   the ipv6 protocol. Giving priority to ipv4 the update continued correctly.
>   The problem remains on a new installation ver 6.5.x both manual and cd not
>   working for me. Does anyone have or had the same issues? 
> I'm testing with virtualbox and this  configuration: 
> 2GB RAM, 32GB vmdk (16GB does not work), network card in bridge mode (i've tried behind NAT too)

I just tried, with NAT as "adapter 1" and "Bridge" as "adapter 3" (the reason
for this specific config being that it mimics the config on the installations
with Vagrant boxes).

It asks a few questions about network interfaces to use, whether to check the
media, etc., then if it should overwrite data in the disk, but it continues
without question afterwards and it gets to install a full system and start it
after reboot.

I am now trying also only with NAT as "adapter 1" and it seems to work (didn't
finish yet, but nothing indicated that it will not).

What problems are you experiencing?

PS: The reason why it needs larger disks is because of the new partition layout.

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