[Spce-user] Call Controls for fraud detection

Rene Krenn rkrenn at sipwise.com
Wed Jul 10 05:18:54 EDT 2019

New release will bring improved fraud checking against month or day period
limits of customer call costs or reseller call costs.


Also call count period limits could be considered, as you suggested.


The fraud checks are evaluated close after rating a postpaid call, and will
no longer have performance/db load limitations.




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We are trying to activate some extra security measures in our proxy, we have
some clients that by volume we are not interested in limiting neither the
number of channels or the daily credit limit.


This means that if anyone  get the SIP account credentials or enter the end
customer's PBX they can make many simultaneous calls. 

Also as the credit limit does not jump until the call has ended it
translates that the $$ hole can be very large.


To secure this point we have made a small script that runs every minute:

With the command /usr/sbin/ngcp-kamctl proxy fifo dlg_list, we check the
number of international calls and the destinations, if we detect more than
one simultaneous call to the same destination we cut these calls with the
command /usr/sbin/ngcp-kamctl proxy fifo dlg_end_dlg.


We are looking for a way to improve this script. Is there any way to control
the number of calls and hang up the ones we think are potentially dangerous
from the API?





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