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Koot Pienaar koot at ntelecom.co.za
Tue Jun 25 07:20:06 EDT 2019

Does this mean I can jump versions without any adverse effect?

Or do I have to upgrade to alle versions up to the latest one by one?

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mr5.5.2 is the second build of LTS release mr5.5

You can upgrade to any further mr5.5 builds
(mr5.5.3-mr5.5.9 at the moment)


to the latest LTS release mr6.5 (the latest build is mr6.5.4).
> https://www.sipwise.org/doc/mr6.5.4/spce/?_href=ar01s14.html#xlts_upgrade01

Upgrade to the latest mr6.5 is recommended.

P.S. the calendar for new releases/builds is available here:

New release mrX.X => new features
New build mrX.X.Y => bugfixes only
New hotfix mrX.X.Y.Z => urgent bugfix which cannot wait the next build

Have fun!

On 6/24/19 12:58 PM, Koot Pienaar wrote:
> What is the correct upgrade path and procedure from version mr5.5.2?
> Or can I just follow what is in the latest version handbook?

Alex Lutay
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