[Spce-user] vm and call forwarding down after update mr6.5.3.2

Henk henk at voipdigit.nl
Fri Oct 11 05:54:30 EDT 2019

Hi Andy,

You can have a look at the upgrade log 
(/var/log/ngcp-upgrade-mr6.5.3-*.log) to see if something went wrong. 
Also, to get a good service summery, you can use "ngcp-service summary"

As voicemail is not working, it can have something to do with the 
Asterisk process. You can monitor Asterisk with "asterisk -rvvv" from 
the command line and dial voicemail to see what happens.


Henk Plessius

On 10-10-2019 18:34, Andy Clark wrote:
> I just upgrade to and my voicemail and call 
> forwarding are not working
> What info do you need to help me in this matter? (this server is in 
> production right now)
> i checked and i'm not seeing any service down
> I'm getting this
> SIP/2.0 503 PSTN Termination Currently Unavailable
> Via: SIP/2.0/UDP 
> Via: SIP/2.0/TCP 
> To: <sip:*9999 at core.xxxxxx.com 
> <mailto:9999 at core.xxxxxx.com>;transport=TCP>;tag=f3067022b00c564156251ba2f28f331f-7855
> From: <sip:test-vm at core.xxxxx.com 
> <mailto:sip%3Atest-vm at core.xxxxx.com>;transport=TCP>;tag=f85edf42
> Call-ID: 4KvdNt8n2R9khBJ-STEvRQ..
> CSeq: 2 INVITE
> Thank you
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