[Spce-user] Duplicate entry error on Subscriber creation

Ralf Eberhard r.eberhard at msg-gruppe.de
Fri Jun 5 08:25:36 EDT 2020

Hello community,

after adding a subscriber to a customer, the subscriber doesn't show up under Customer>Subscribers.

When trying to create that subscriber again, we get the error "Failed to create subscriber (Duplicate entry '49xxxxxxxxx-3')"

select * from voip_subscribers where username = '49xxxxxxxx'; actually shows the subscriber. (With the correct account_id set)

After deleting the whole customer (via Web-Interface), the subscriber is still present in voip_subscribers.

Is it safe to just DELETE FROM voip_subscribers?
If not, what would be the way to cleanly delete that erroneous subscriber entry?

Thanks & kind regards,

Ralf Eberhard

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