[Spce-user] New Sipwise C5 CE mr6.5.8 is now available

Manuel Montecelo mmontecelo at sipwise.com
Tue Mar 17 08:53:11 EDT 2020

2020-03-13 19:06 Manuel Montecelo:
>(*) Please note that AMI images for AWS could not be made available at the time
>    of release, but we hope to solve this in the next few days and we will
>    update the posts with the AMIs.

The images are available now, they are:

    AMI ID for region ap-northeast-1: ami-03ba66dd21e57ad78
    AMI ID for region ap-southeast-1: ami-0eb39b09885ae5f8e
    AMI ID for region ap-southeast-2: ami-0a34eaaf2180ad5a9
    AMI ID for region eu-central-1: ami-0937186a770dacead
    AMI ID for region eu-west-1: ami-0e3215b1909955586
    AMI ID for region sa-east-1: ami-037fcb925f291bcef
    AMI ID for region us-east-1: ami-0c3b32941735bb959
    AMI ID for region us-west-1: ami-0b5bdc72156a1accb
    AMI ID for region us-west-2: ami-0b6d91f7c33ab7f87

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