[Spce-user] RTP ports and peerings

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Fri Nov 27 10:17:48 EST 2020

Hi Jiri,

You are asking about "RTP ports" in subject
and "RTP IP" in email body.

RTP IP will be the same as SIP IP by default and
can be changed by smart network.yml configuration,
see sip_ext and rtp_ext network types there.

RTP ports cab be defined as range for the entire
system only, see the following options in config.yml:
> rtpproxy:
>   maxport: 44999
>   minport: 30000

I hope it answered your question.
Have a nice day!

On 11/27/20 3:22 PM, Jiri Ptacnik wrote:
> Hello all,
> what if some peering partners provide:
> - specific IP for SIP and second IP for RTP? Is it possible to
> configure such peering?
> Thanks
> J. George P.

Alex Lutay

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