[Spce-user] Enabling and disabling permanent CLIR using VSC codes in C5 CE mr9.3.1

willem-jan.tanis at jonaz.nl willem-jan.tanis at jonaz.nl
Wed Apr 21 07:36:34 EDT 2021



Because of a migration from another SIP-platform I want to give the exact
same functionality to our users:

*	Call *31# to enable permanent CLIR for outgoing calls
*	Call #31# to disable permanent CLIR for outgoing calls

In fact I want to set Number Manipulation CLIR on and off with *31# and #31#
which is available in the webinterface.


Calling "*31*<telno>" only uses CLIR for that one call.


Any ideas how to configure this?




Willem-Jan Tanis.

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