[Spce-user] Suddenly many SIP-Accounts are "busy" (Concurrent max calls exceeded)

Thomas Georg t.georg at msg-gruppe.de
Thu Apr 22 07:17:49 EDT 2021


since 3 hours our customers complain about busy lines (in and outgoing).
This happens to customers who have "max concurrent calls" set.
I tried with one customer which definitively did no call during this test and I always got the message "Concurrent max calls[2] exceeded[10]" until i raised the limit to 10 or above then a call was possible.
We recognized that at exactly at 11:00 the answer seizure rate felt from 62% to 55%. Since then we also get complaints.
I restarted the system but the problem is still there.

We currently set all complaining customers to more concurrent calls, but this should be only a workaround.

What can I do to debug this? Is there a possibility to show the "real" current calls per user/total?


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