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Rene Krenn rkrenn at sipwise.com
Mon Aug 23 10:28:45 EDT 2021

Billing profile packages allow to specify custom billing intervals and to assign profile bundles -> which you will prefer once you start to charge differently for useragent IP addresses.

Without using profile packages, the billing interval is 1MONTH.


Free Cash (and Free Time) are parameters of billing profiles.

If you have 50€ free cash, it means the subscriber can do calls for 50€, each of which will show up with 0cents in CDRs for post-paid calls.

Subsequent calls will show their regualr rates.


If the subscriber did only calls for 20€, it means he would still have 30€ left „unsused“ at the end oft he month.

With the beginning of the next interval, the balance will automatically be refilled with 20€, so he starts over again with 50€ for calls in the next interval.


I’m not aware of a restriction for using profile packages on CE.




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Currently I have created several billing profiles with various minutes set. I wanted to optimize everything with a single price list and set the various free minutes for customers without having various billing profiles (with related fees). From what I understand the profile packages do not work on the CE version but only on the PRO, correct? Sorry Rene but I did not understand your explanation with the refill, could you explain me better? Thanks

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