[Spce-user] Customers Free Time Balance

cappellari at connectlife.it cappellari at connectlife.it
Tue Aug 24 09:21:04 EDT 2021

The idea is the following: to have a single billing profile (so as not to have thousands of fees). we want to give some customers 1000 free call minutes every month and the subsequent billing. We want to charge other subscribers for everything, so we are in a mixed situation. If we set the free minutes on the billing profile, all subscribers are involved. We currently have 5 Billing Profiles (PRO 1000, PRO 2000 etc.). The relative time of free minutes is set for each Billing Profile. Then we have instead a Billing Profile that we call Rates where there is no minute included .. We just wanted to have one for a better management of fees .. Do you think we can achieve this? Thanks for your time 
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