[Spce-user] new user -- trying to setup prepaid .. getting No PSTN gateways available

Shashi Dahal myshashi at gmail.com
Thu May 6 13:39:41 EDT 2021


I am a new user, and trying to setup prepaid.  I have read the manual, but
still some things are not clear.

These are the steps I did.  Please let me know if I have missed anything to
get the error message I am getting.

* installed mr9.4.1 via iso
* setup a reseller
* setup a customer under the reseller
* setup 2 subscribers with  E164 numbers.
- when I register using softphone, they can call each other using the E164

* setup a Prepaid billing profile - for the reseller with libswrate.  Every
field is blank and 0 0 as charge
Question [ what is the difference between libswrate vs libinewrate] ?

* created 1 line in fee entry that reads
source 1
dest 1
direction out  - 1 60  1 60 1 60 1 60 1 60  [to test, basically 1 unit  per

* setup peering server
* created another billing profile ( which is not postpaid ) with the
following fee entry
source 1
dest 1
direction out  - 0.25 1 0.25 1  0.25 1 0.25 1  [to test 1/1 billing on 0.25
unit per second  ]

Question [if I want to charge say  0.25 cents per monute, how do I enter it
towards customers], and if I want the carrier/peer to bill me  0.25 per
second , how do I enter it ? there is no off-peak or on-peak

That is all I have done, and it says no PSTN gateway.

Also, I have spent a lot of time reading the docs and testing this myself.
If someone out here wants to charge me say $40-$50/hr and teach me the
basics of it, please email as well.  I am setting this up as a personal
project in order to learn.

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