[Spce-user] Cron ngcp-cleanup-acc not work // mr11.1.1

cappellari at connectlife.it cappellari at connectlife.it
Mon Jul 24 08:09:24 EDT 2023

Hello, it seems that some cronjobs are not working properly 
I'm referring to /etc/cron.d/ngcp-cleanup-tools 

It is set to run every day at 3 (default setting) but it doesn't run 

On /var/log/cron.log I see: 

Jul 24 03:00:01 sbc1 CRON[14816]: (root) CMD ( ngcp-cleanup-acc >/dev/null 2>&1) 

But in fact the cleaning on the DB / CDR is not done 

If I launch the ngcp-cleanup-acc command from the terminal, the cleanup is successfully performed 

Version mr11.1.1 

Some advice? 

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