[Spce-user] Addressbook troubles

Skyler skchopperguy at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 21:08:59 EDT 2011

Hi !

On Sat, 2011-08-20 at 02:31 +0200, Daniel Tiefnig wrote:

> It's in /usr/share/ngcp-www-csc/lib/csc/Model/Provisioning.pm and called
> "get_formatted_contacts". There you can see s/^\+$user_cc/0/ which uses
> the subscribers cc preference in $user_cc. So I guess the subscriber in
> question still has this preference set to "1". You should see it in the
> "preference" tab of the subscriber view in the admin web interface.

 subscriber preferences are blank in admin also. I know what you mean
though as at first the trouble was that any number entered into
addressbook would append cc + ac which was in the user preferences. Once
set to blank this went away.

> I tried this with the parameters you provided on a test system here, and
> the number format looks fine for me. Still, the number formatting in
> "get_formatted_contacts" is considered a bug now and will be fixed.

 Strange as if I enter '12275425879' which is north american number it
changes it to '02275425879', if I don't enter '1' it changes it to

 I've tried to modify s/^\+$user_cc/0/ to s/^\$user_cc// but that did
not help...I don't know Perl so was just a guess.

 I'll wait for the update and try it out again. Hopefully what you think
will fix this will actually work.

BTW, if you are fixing stuff can you NOT set default user preferences
with cc & ac of E.164 DID? This is a hassle to change manually user by
user in admin.


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