[Spce-user] where is a way to delete subscribers permanently

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) jbonilla at sipwise.com
Fri Dec 16 05:18:32 EST 2011

El Fri, 16 Dec 2011 00:41:36 +0100
"Klaus Peter v. Friedeburg" <friedeburg at aco.de> escribió:

> Hi Andreas,

Hi Klaus

> we use version 2.2 but we have made some modifications for our use so that we
> are not able to update to 2.4 at this time Our modification are:

I'm glad to see external development to our product! As you'll see in 2.4
roadmap, our dev was in the same direction as yours :) Some comments inline for
your information if you decide to go update to version 2.4:

> - build up to a HA-SYSTEM with DRBD and HA an 2 physical machines (The
> database woks fine on a DRBD-Device) for failover

This is something we only provide in the PRO edition. It's different as you do
anyways because we need a 0 downtime failover in the system.

> - attach a hylafax-server-system for fax2mail and fax2fax, with per user
> authentification against the kamailio user database, so that outgoing faxes
> are send with the numberinfomation (CLI) from the SIP-USER (works very fine
> with T38-modem!)

That's an optional module in the PRO edition too. The technology is not the
same though. 

> - fix database-bug to record voicemails from asterisk

Already in 2.4

> - switch asterisk to german voice prompts

I'm looking for a redistributable set of German prompts. Do you have such a
voice set? Would be great! I've only found comercial non-redistributable sets
for German :(

> - insert a "call-control feature" for control a number of channels (Number of
> simultaneous calls) per subscriber in the kamailio proxy script

Already in 2.4. Would be great if you explain how you did it to compare the
features. It might help us to improve it for the bext version.

> - insert a hack in the kamailio proxy script so that enduser can dial numbers
> in its own area (LC) without dialing the national prefix

Already in 2.4.

> - customize the scripts for the admin-panel so that we are able to assign
> some number-aliases to a subscriber (only for incoming calling, not for
> outgoing), but we don’t have fixed the Problem to give the information to the
> SIP-Client what number was called. The function for number-aliasing already
> exist in OSS.

Already in 2.4

> - disable mediaproxy because we have much troubles with jitter

Already in 2.4 (option to disable mediaproxy per domain or peer)

> - fix some bugs in rate-o-mat (when a CDR don't have a destination provider,
> our rate-o-mat will not stop)

Could you please report the bugs? Stopping rate-o-mat when no destination fee
is found is a "feature" from our point of view. Other changes that can help us
improving the code? 

> - build some shell-script to automatisize some processes (Backup, check and
> restart services and so on)

Present in the PRO edition.

> Now we work to transfer this "customized task" to 2.4 but this need a little
> bit more time.

Go ahead! Good to see these kind of developments. That will help all of us to
contribute to the code and create a strong community :)

> Back to topic: I have tested the creating and terminating process with a new
> user and it works fine. I don’t know what is the mistake by some older user
> in the database that are terminated some times ago and come back as a new
> user.

ack. Thanks for the reports and your explanations.


Jon Bonilla

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