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Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Sun Jan 16 03:09:11 EST 2011

Hi Deon,

On 01/16/2011 08:48 AM, Deon Vermeulen wrote:
> In Sales I have extension 1001, 1002, 1003 and 1004. Should the call be transferd by the Operator/Switchboard Attendant to Sales all phones should ring at once.
> Should the call not be answered, due to busy, not online, etc..,  the call should be automatically transferred back to the Operator/Switchboard attendant, example ext 1000, for further action.

Sounds like PBX features. What you can do at the moment is setting
conditional call-forwards on specific extensions (like ringing for $x
seconds on ext. 1001, then forward to something else like 1002). You
could also register a PBX like an SPA9000 or an Asterisk box to provide
this features on the customer-side.

There is no such thing like parallel ringing on different extensions in
the current version though (you can register multiple clients using the
base user though, which all should ring when dialing some
non-provisioned extension as well, like standard parallel ringing).
However, you might probably want to integrate Asterisk more tightly into
the CE? We're also working on providing hosted-PBX features in the PRO
version of our platform. It won't be available any time soon in the CE
though, sorry for that.


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