[Spce-user] SPCE and reinviting and also vmware questions

Skyler skchopperguy at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 05:27:47 EDT 2011


On Wed, 2011-09-14 at 14:39 -0400, Dave Massey wrote:
> You guys must be getting sick of my posts ;)
> I switched providers, I couldnt get that other one to work, so the new one is voip.ms, and it worked well right out of the box, with audio and all ;)
 Ehem, I'm not going to say we told you so ;P ... just call voxcentral
man, they're the best I've found for Canada with direct tier-1's, 90%
DID coverage, porting, consistent high quality, E911, Fax, SMS, REAL
support etc...if you don't know just ask.

> But my question is reinviting, and the conditions required for it to work. Right now the RTP audio streams pass thru the SPCE box to the customer.
> The customers will be behind NAT, and each ATA will have their own internal IP of course.
> The SPCE box will be public IP no nat involved.

Technically, there was no question in there. My 0.002 is not to worry
about it. It'll work. 

> My provider defaults reinviting to off but can be enabled by request.

...sadly they probably only use asterisk :( I would be on alert for
inconsistent termination quality for outbound and possibly inbound too.
Class 5's don't block this so there's nothing to 'enable', its a clear
indicator. IMHO, I wouldn't run residential business through there if
they said that to me.

> Can this sort of configuration work for reinviting multiple ATA devices behind a single public IP?
 Should be no reason why it would not work. The question is odd though,
unless you have a fax machine farm behind a single router ;P

 Seriously though, why do you need multiple ATA's doing re-invites
behind a single router?

> Also, the last time I tried to do VOIP on a vmware box, it failed badly, (broken audio) (Asterisk), but it was transcoding each call.
> I dont want to do any transcoding, I want to use the native codecs supported by the peer(pass through?) Does SPCE even do transcoding?

 I found that too, asterisk just doesn't want to work 100% while
transcoding on a VM. Its better on dedicated hardware. Pretty sure its a
timing issue within the kernel for VM's but didn't go any further with
it as the solution seemed to require kernel customization. 

 SPCE does not transcode, it will pass through codecs from

> I can put it on its own box if need be.

 Dedicated hardware is always better.


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