[Spce-user] correct NAT configuration

Joan Cifre (ibred) jcifre at ib-red.com
Fri Dec 28 08:42:44 EST 2012

Thanks Jon, we'll test this configuration.

El 28/12/2012 14:34, Jon Bonilla (Manwe) escribió:
> El Fri, 28 Dec 2012 14:22:27 +0100
> "Joan Cifre (ibred)" <jcifre at ib-red.com> escribió:
>> Hello all,
>> we are experiencing many issues regarding to NAT with our SIP
>> registration. Our phones register correctly, but if public IP changes,
>> the phones failed to register again. We have noted it after a problem
>> with DHCP that changed may of the public IPs of our customers routers.
>> I'm sure it can be optimized and probably our configuration of phones
>> and routers is not optimal. The first we can observe is that in the
>> Sipwise administration interface, in the registration of the phone, we
>> are getting "NAT: no" in all registrations.
>> User Agent: Grandstream HT701
>> Contact sip:n971520810 at
>> NAT no
>> Expires2012-12-22 03:52:39
>> But in fact phones are behind NAT (they have private IP address). Our
>> routers have NAT helpers with SIP ports configured (5060, 5061). And
>> also our phones have NAT mapping enable set to yes, but no STUN server
>> configured. Is there a better configuration than this one? Maybe Sipwise
>> could handle the NAT itself? As I told the problem is when the public IP
>> changes.
> Yes, the provider can handle NAT for endpoints.
> Usually, NAT helpers (SIP ALG) in routers break SIP traffic and it's more a
> problem than a solution. I would disable every kind of stun configuration and
> NAT helpers and let the spce handle the nat of your devices.
> It's not the only solution, just one solution.
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