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Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Fri Mar 23 06:12:11 EDT 2012


On 03/23/2012 08:45 AM, Joan Cifre (ibred) wrote:
> then it will happens always when not founding a billing entry? Or is
> just a problem with a match with a character not a number? Is it a
> sipwise problem I think, isn't it? Because with a softphone I can call
> to a name to make an internal call! The stop of the billing system in a
> production environment is VERY critical!!

It is much more critical in a production environment to have
destinations without a billing fee attached, which potentially means
that you provide destinations where you've to pay your wholesale
provider for, but aren't able to bill it to your customers, resulting in
huge financial losses for you.

Monitoring rate-o-mat on your CE is pretty trivial, but catching a
missing billing fee is quite impossible otherwise, that's why rate-o-mat
stops in such an event. It's really for your safety.

In case of internal calls, you can just put your SIP domain as a
destination in a fee (which is perfectly valid), or you can even add a
catch-all pattern ("^.*$") like it is there in the default billing
profile, if you think you can safely skip (or actually rate as whatever
is in the catch-all pattern) missing destinations.


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