[Spce-user] v2.8 outgoing cdr issue / rate-o-mat

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Thu Apr 4 10:23:35 EDT 2013

Also, this might be a dumb question, but are you sure you've CDRs within 
the Month selected in the "month" dropdown? The panel doesn't show all 
CDRs, only those within this specified month, or alternatively those in 
the selected time frame.

Just something worth checking, as I don't see any issues on my test 


On 04/04/2013 04:12 PM, Andreas Granig wrote:
> Hi,
> On 04/04/2013 02:47 PM, Lars Froehlich wrote:
>> missing destination profile, so we can't calculate
>> destination_reseller_cost for destination_provider_info $VAR1 =
>> {#012          'contract_id' => '1',#012          'profile_id' =>
>> undef,#012          'class' => 'reseller'#012        };
> This has nothing to do with outgoing calls, it's a warning that no
> termination fees for a call to a local subscriber can be calculated for
> this "reseller" (which is default behaviour as this reseller 1 is
> hardcoded during installation without a billing profile, as there is no
> reseller management exposed in v2.8). This has always been like that,
> rate-o-mat just became a bit more verbose as a preparation for real
> reseller handling in 3.0.
> You want to check the accounting.cdr table, selecting all CDRs where
> source_user_id is the UUID of the subscriber you want to show the CDRs
> for. Please confirm if they are there.
> You also want to post oss.log for the part where you click the tab in
> the Admin interface to show the CDRs.
> Thanks,
> Andreas
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