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Theodoros Kafantaris thkafadaris at yahoo.gr
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Dear All,
In order not to be misunderstood I would like to rephrase my question “B”.
We would like you to verify whether SIP provider CE with recommended HW (Dual-core x86_64 compatible 3GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB HDD) can support the performance below or not:
50.000 Subscriber Lines
180.000 Busy Hour Call Attempts
50 Call Attempts per Second
2.000 Concurrent Calls
Unlimited number of Class4 Peerings
Unlimited number of SIP Peerings
Please have in mind that we have installed SIP provider CE according to the provided procedure by you .
Having this standard architecture implemented, RTP packets from user A to B will be routed to each other, passing via SIP provider CE.
Could you please verify that the recommended HW/Architecture/Topology can support the above performance value when media(audio or video) follows that path?
If not do you suggest the usage of a STUN server instead (Question A)?
Best Regards.

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Greetings, I agree with Jeremie on server load.  There really isn’t much to a load when everything is working as expected.
My only comment is  in question b as listed below.
It would greatly help to understand your configuration before a firm answer can be provided with theories on volume.
Will you be using Sipwise as a SBC?
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The load is almost zero with several hundred subscribers. I would expect the recommended hardware and subscribers to be close. I'm sure Kevin could vouch for server load since he has more on a single server. 

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On Apr 4, 2013, at 4:14 PM, Theodoros Kafantaris <thkafadaris at yahoo.gr> wrote:
Dear Sipwise Team,
>I have 2 questions:
>a)Can I use a Stun server in order to avoid media stream from going though the Sip Provider CE?
>b)What is the load that the SIP Provider CE can handle with recommended HW ( Dual-core x86_64 compatible 3GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB HDD) setup taking all the media streams through itself?
>Best Regards,
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