[Spce-user] Voicemail FAIL 3.5.1

Aziz Palmer Aziz.Palmer at AirFIBER.com
Fri Oct 31 01:59:44 EDT 2014

Good Morning SPCE Team,
I’m very impressed with the new features 3.5.1 has to offer but it seems that a few features aren’t working properly


----  When sending a call into voicemail – call disconnects as soon as it connects with sipwise

Conference Calling
----Same as Voicemail

---When looking at the RTP connection it bypasses sipwise

Inbound call billing cost does not appear in the GUI call history but outbound works perfectly
---  It does appear in the CDR (inbound and outbound)

5.       [....] Restarting rate-o-mat: rate-o-matrate-o-mat: Can't call method "disconnect" on an undefined value at /usr/sbin/rate-o-mat line 1501. Active node or transition.

Thank you for  your help – Warmest Regards

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