[Spce-user] audio/video stream data through server

yanzs danrenjian at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 05:29:52 EDT 2014

thanks, Daniel

I spend a few days studying concepts like RTP, SIP and VOIP.

So if I disable 'rtpproxy', RTP stream can be sent directly between 
endpoints (or at least without any intermediate server I owned), it that 
correct? I am concerned with that because many concurrent video calls 
would require a high bandwidth on the server, and that is a bit expensive.

*And another question*, in the "Platform Architecture" chapter of SPCE 
handbook, it says " The mediaproxy configuration file is 
/etc/ngcp-config/templates/etc/default/ngcp-mediaproxy-ng-daemon" which 
I believe is where I can disable rtpproxy. But I could not find that 
"ngcp-mediaproxy-ng-daemon" path with spce 3.4.2 installed by virtual 
box image, do I need to install spce using NGCP install CD to get this 
ngcp-mediaproxy-ng-daemon service ?

Thanks in advance.

On 2014年10月22日 16:10, Daniel Grotti wrote:
> Hi,
> RTP stream (audio/video) just pass through NGCP, which is just an RTP 
> relay.
> You can even bypass NGCP during RTP session, by disable 'rtpproxy' if 
> you want.
> It depends what do you need, if you need to perform some actions on 
> rtp stream (rtptimeout for example), you need NGCP staying in the middle.
> Daniel
> On 10/22/2014 09:38 AM, yanzs wrote:
>> Hi, community
>> Our team are building  an application for users to make video call to 
>> each other (just for confirming their face and do some stuff in the 
>> system), and we are new to spce and even voip.
>> In the sipwise site, it claims that with these recommended hardware:
>>   * Dual-core x86_64 compatible
>>   * 3GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB HDD
>> Sipwise can sustain 2.000 Concurrent Calls, 50 Call Attempts per Second.
>> So I am wondering how audio and video stream data are transfered from 
>> one client to another, does clients make a p2p connection, or all 
>> data are passed through the spce server?
>> Thanks,
>> Russell
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